DENERGIUM is a technology company dedicated to improve the energy efficiency of the HPC sector.

Our Vision

HPC and scientific calculation has been used to solve ever more complex problems. With it, science and technology improved significantly. However, alarming reports are starting to show the race to data is not sustainable. The increasing cost of energy also hints in this direction.

It is time to introduce the energy criterion into optimization.

DENERGIUM will help you transition from a time-to-solution paradigm to an energy-to-solution one.

IT infrastructures managed by information systems departments (ISDs) now give us access to almost infinite resources, both locally and in the cloud. But the real costs of these infrastructures are starting to emerge (hardware manufacturing), and the cost per kWh announced in the coming years will force us to change our paradigm and integrate energy efficiency into software solutions.

It is time to make IT infrastructures more efficient


  • Understand: this is the first step! The complexity of hardware-software entanglements requires taming complex models,
  • Improve energy efficiency: be able to establish efficient strategies
  • Put the user in the loop, as they hold most of the keys.


  • Rely on research conducted at Inria and other French institutes and universities. Active research for over 10 years in this field.
  • Develop technologies and solutions. Work carried out within the framework of Inria Startup Studio, Unitec and OVHcloud Startup Program during 2 years.

Today we are proud to share with you the fruit of this work at DENERGIUM


DENERGIUM was created in 2023 by three founders :

Picture of the team

Hervé MATHIEU LinkedIn logo

Hervé is an engineer that graduated from Centrale Lille.

He worked in the research field at Inria. He participated in many developments and experiments in the fields of computer vision, virtual reality, robotics (including a year at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA) and finally scientific computing. He has directed the Experimentation and Development Department of the Inria center at the University of Bordeaux for 10 years. He is co-founder of the company 4D Views.

Cédric CORRÈGE LinkedIn logo

With a background in semiconductors, Cédric CORRÈGE has built up expertise and international relations in the field of energy efficiency for components used in wireless communications. As co-founder and Sales Director of DENERGIUM, he is now pursuing the goal of increasing the energy efficiency of data centers.

Jean-Paul HARNISCH LinkedIn logo

He was co-founder in 2013 and Managing Director for 9 years of Shinken-Solutions (Créadev iLab winner in 2014), which develops Shinken Enterprise supervision software. Prior to this, Jean Paul held a number of sales positions: Sales Director at WebWag (mobile application development) and Sales Manager France at In-Fusio (provider of mobile gaming services and applications).